Design Options

Garry Ballard and the team will work with you to discuss design options and provide tailored solution to cater to your individual needs. We are able to work with any accommodation requirements, budgets and block sizes.

Accuracy & Precision

Ballard Building guarantees accuracy and precision whilst working on your job, through quality workmanship and commitment.
All Ballard Building projects have a seven-year structural free guarantee.

Project Management & Communication

Ballard Building provides a high level of communication with clients throughout the entire build process.
During the build process you will be provided with regular progress updates including weekly onsite meetings, photographs and progress reports.

Our other services include:

  • Pre-building consultation meeting

    Blake Ballard will meet you to gain an in-depth understanding of your needs and requirements. So you can be advised on the best approaches for your build.
  • Fixtures & Features

    We provide valuable guidance on all fixtures and features including colour selections.
  • Property Assessment

    Site Inspection by the Ballard Building team
    Assessment and evaluation by structural engineer and surveyor
    Assessment of your site's service connections
  • Planning approval

    Ballard building will provide all planning approvals and where necessary, we will liaise with your local council to obtain any permits required.
  • Knock Down & Demolition

    Should any demolition be required Ballard Building will arrange all necessary specialist demolition contractors to carry out the work.
  • Approvals process

    Organise the construction certificate application fee
    Obtain the Home Owners Warranty Insurance and Public Liability Insurance for the project.
    Ballard Building will take care of all Work Cover and Occupational Health and Safety requirements
    Ballard Building can provide the BASIX certificate